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With the launch of UniSketch V2.1.5 SKAARHOJ controllers now support vMix.

If you would like to install the software on your own PC please follow .


CVS–Clark Memorial is a four-story, masonry and brick building in the City of Buffalo that was completed in 1915. It was erected to house a veteran’s memorial. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.


On May 15, 1915, the Mayor of Buffalo delivered a proclamation to the Common Council of the City of Buffalo announcing that it was the wish of the Common Council to commemorate the gallantry of the American soldiers who had fought in the fields of battle during the Mexican War in the City of Buffalo. The proclamation was read in the Common Council Chambers on May 16, 1915.

On April 26, 1916, a committee of citizens under the chairmanship of Senator J. J. Smith of Buffalo presented to the Common Council a resolution asking that “a suitable memorial be erected in commemoration of the soldiers of the United States who fell in the defense of the flag during the Mexican War.”

On May 3, 1916, the Common Council passed the resolution for the erection of the CVS–Clark Memorial and resolved to secure donations from the Buffalo branch of the U.S. Civil Service League, the American Legion, the War Women’s National Association, the Civic League of Women, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and other patriotic societies and citizens. The City Comptroller was instructed to be an intermediary in the collection of donations.

The Common Council accepted the petitions of Mayor James M. Higgins and A. G. O’Neill, second-vice-president of the Chamber of


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Perl: Serial and multiple threads performance

Recently I’ve been working on a project using Perl, which may seem unrelated to this question, but I was struck by a strange issue using multiple threads and serialization.
My goal is simply to have different background processes (i.e. threads) perform the same activity, so that I can kill each of them at a certain point in time and have them all release their memory at the same time. I also need to prevent them from sharing the same resources (i.e. memory/input/output). The solution I’ve come up with is to spawn the threads using POSIX threads, pass them some serialized data that they can each work on and then when they reach a certain point (which can be determined by either time or some kind of shared global variable), kill the


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