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Vonn committed to Italy event despite injury

DANIELLA VONN has confirmed she will compete at the Italian event in Turin this week because she won’t be ready for the World Cup by the time that race takes place.

Vonn was due to compete at the time the Super G is staged but was upset by an injury to her foot.

“It’s just a minor injury. It’s going to be fine in a week,” Vonn said after her training run today in Whistler. “I’m happy to be there, but I can’t ski well enough to be in the race.”

Super G skiers must be capable of competing in the downhill race, but Vonn was lapped in the last training run.

“I can go for a figure eight, a little double poling, but I think that’s it. We’ll see if it holds up tomorrow,” Vonn said. “I think it will be okay.”

Vonn has withdrawn from the competition, but she expects to be there when racing begins at 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“It’s not ideal,” Vonn said. “It’s not the way I wanted to race it, because I was so excited to be there. But it’s good to have a second event.”

That race is scheduled to start an hour before the women’s downhill. Vonn and Americans Lindsey Vonn and Shani Davis are taking the lead with Switzerland’s Lara Gut and Italy’s Federica Brignone closing the gap.

“I’ll do everything I can to help Switzerland,” Davis said. “Everybody else is doing the same to help me and Lara. Whoever gets to the top first, that’s who we want to be on the podium with.”

The men’s overall has Davis among the favorites with veterans Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway, Brian Lopes of Canada and Stanislas Jobran of France. Vonn, who has been leading that race, will still take part in Wednesday’s Super-G.

“I’m just going

1) How much time do I have to finish my mission? – Mission time.
2) How do I know when I’m going to fail? – You can’t know when you’re going to fail.
3) Where do I level? – You level at the good spots.
4) How do I know if I succeed or fail? – You can’t know that yet.
5) How do I save? – You can’t save yet.
6) How do I change my costume? – You don’t change your costume yet.
7) How do I learn new missions? – You don’t learn new missions yet.
8) How do I learn everything? – You don’t learn everything yet.
9) How do I block someone? – You don’t block someone yet.
10) How do I unlock new missions? – You don’t unlock new missions yet.
11) How do I get all the achievements? – You don’t get all the achievements yet.
12) How do I train skills and activate the skills? – You don’t train skills and activate the skills yet.
13) How do I know if I’m at low health? – You don’t know yet.
14) Where are the hidden spots? – You don’t know yet.
15) How do I learn new weapons? – You don’t learn new weapons yet.
16) How do I unlock the entire game? – You don’t unlock the game yet.
17) How do I unlock all the perks? – You don’t unlock all the perks yet.
18) How do I recruit a friend? – You don’t recruit a friend yet.
19) How do I repair my armor? – You don’t repair your armor yet.
20) How do I reduce weapon damage? – You don’t reduce weapon damage yet.
21) How do I craft things? – You don’t craft things yet.
22) How do I craft armor? – You don’t craft armor yet.
23) How do I craft weapons? – You don’t craft weapons yet.
24) How do I learn new attacks? – You don’t learn new attacks yet.
25) How do

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