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My first post. I hope this forum is ok to post on. I was a user of MCE and wanted to find a way to drop a main menu somewhere besides the main menu. I found this forum and quickly signed up.

Thanks for the kind words! It’s always good to hear that the forum is helpful for people and that you find it useful.Factors influencing management of severe upper GI bleeding in a tertiary teaching hospital in Kuwait.
The medical records of all patients who presented with severe upper GI bleeding to a single tertiary care referral centre in Kuwait were reviewed. Of the 20 patients, 10 (50%) were admitted in active state of shock or suffered an episode of severe haemorrhage within the first two hours of arrival at the emergency room. A total of 95% (19/20) of patients received initial empirical treatment for upper GI bleeding. The commonest treatment was intravenous high dose (20 mg/kg) protease inhibitor i.e. omeprazole. Seven patients (35%) expired. The mortality was higher among patients who presented in active state of shock (5/10; 50%) or who presented with an interval duration of melena between 24 and 72 hours (6/10; 60%). Mortality was not significantly correlated with patient’s age, sex, or transfusion status. The commonest cause of death was pneumonia (5/10; 50%). The other causes were septicaemia (1/10; 10%), central nervous system depression (1/10; 10%) and intracranial haemorrhage (1/10; 10%). A significant number of patients with upper GI bleeding in Kuwait presented in a state of shock, especially those who presented with an interval duration of melena of more than 24 hours.Q:

Python gzip write IOError 5m

I have this script who is supposed to log me when a gzip file is created.
It’s meant to work on a log.file which is a combination of several gzipped files, I mean, it’s supposed to log me when it compress a file in the log.file directory which is a sub-directory of the main directories.
I’ve tried to use this script :
import os, sys, gzip, time, logging


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