Nimin Save Editor

Nimin Save Editor

Nimin Save Editor

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Nimin Save Editor

The maker of the game has stated that a remake of Nimin is currently in the works.

Curse Of The Red Eye
This is an open source program that you can download and use to save, edit, and search through your wow character / wow character bank in a more convenient and more organised way.
In a nutshell, all the information from your wow character / wow character bank is stored in two seperate files. One saved on your pc, and one saved in the wow character / wow character bank. Curse of the Red Eye lets you save both files in one folder so that you dont have to deal with knowing where your information is.
Save, Edit and Search through your information
Detailed List of all saved information
Import / Export of all information to the wow character / wow character bank
Move the location of the wow character / wow character bank file
Add / Remove information from the wow character / wow character bank file
This is an alpha version, so feel free to test it for bugs. The program can be downloaded here.
Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
Programs: Curse Of The Red Eye, Curse Of The Red Eye Uninstall.
Size: 1.5 Mb

Nimin v0.975
Save, Edit and search through your information
Save and edit your data in a more convenient and easier way.
The game manager is saved in wih files, which is where your character information is saved, and the character-bank, the programs that manage your character-bank, are stored in a seperate file.
Nimin is currently in a state of limbo, and on its current path does not meet the aforementioned criteria. How this will turn out is uncertain.
For now, the only way to change anything, to edit anything or find anything is to use a dedicated game file editor.
If you would like a link, just click on the image to view it in full size.

Nimin Save Editor For Total War Warhammer 2
The UK based game developer has posted a Q&A on their official Total War forums, regarding why they wont be supporting Nimin in the future.
Total War: Warhammer 2:
I’ve been asked by some people why a game like Nimin hasn’t been produced for Total War: Warhammer 2.
It’s a fair enough question, and I appreciate that, so I thought I’d give you the reason why.

nimin save editor

The extensible, full-featured management engine for file and folder storage.Q:

How do I fix this error in R? Can I ignore this as it doesn’t affect my results?

I’m reading a dataset called Roadfill (20% of total), all the rows in this data set have either yes or no value. My plan is to count the total number of yes and no for each condition (and compare them) in this data.
However, my data seems to be in a cluster. When I keep selecting from the Roadfill, I get a new row every time, even though I only want one of them. See screen shot (image attached) and the code below. How do I fix this?

When I select there are about 200+ rows where the title of the row is RoadFill_but_different_date, instead of the 5 rows mentioned above.

#User does not have ‘Roadfill’ Data
if(!exists(“Roadfill”)) {

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