Descarga Gratis El Rational Rose Portable Para Windows 7 32 Bits

Descarga Gratis El Rational Rose Portable Para Windows 7 32 Bits

Descarga Gratis El Rational Rose Portable Para Windows 7 32 Bits


Descarga Gratis El Rational Rose Portable Para Windows 7 32 Bits

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SQL: How to combine row count with join?

I have one table called events that I’d like to see a count of column occurrences:
FROM events

The problem is that if I use this I only get one row. How do I use my existing (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM events) to be the second row?
I need this query to be in pure SQL. I don’t want to use PHP or any of that nonsense and I don’t want to use variables. I just want one row where the column count is included.


SELECT events.*, (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM events)
FROM events

You don’t need the inner select. (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM events) is just not needed. It won’t change the result so there’s no point in having it.


Why is my little program displaying a blank window on execution

For the first time i am programming a little desktop app in C#. I have written a small command-line tool which is pretty basic and should only display a message. It is just a simple line of code, but it is not working and when I compile the executable it displays a white window on execution
Here is the code:
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Green;
Console.WriteLine(“Hello World”);
Console.ForegroundColor = ConsoleColor.Default;
Thanks for using MyApp”);

Please be gentle, this is my first C# attempt and i am more than a little in the dark 🙂


You’ve got a deadlock. There is an active Thread.Sleep() call that is blocking the main thread. Until the console thread ends, your app cannot even run. The behaviour is caused by the new MainThread’s delay. The

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