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The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb is organizing a special LGBTQ-oriented event focusing on the Slovenian artist who has been recently chosen as one of ten artists to represent the work of her generation for the forthcoming Venice Biennale.

The scheduled event includes a performance by PBT (Project Basement), which, according to its website, is “a queer performance troupe based in Zagreb, Croatia, where they collect and recover forgotten queer histories to recontextualize them within contemporary art.”

The event will be staged at the Museum of Contemporary Art during the month of May in the context of Diasporic Contemporary Art.

The theme of the 2019 Zagreb Biennale will be “Diasporic Contemporary Art,” with the inclusion of the Slovenian artist Triana–the gallery and platform that commissioned Sara’s work will be present at the Biennale, as well.

Sara started working as an artist in 2005, and her work focuses on electronic sound installation, sound architecture, and installation art. She has since created over ten installations that have been exhibited in locations including New York, Tokyo, Chicago, London, Jerusalem, and Washington.

Sara was chosen as one of ten artists to represent her generation for the upcoming Venice Biennale in the “Artist Projects” category. She is the first non-European artist to represent the category of her generation.

Her installations are characterized by their curiosity about the human body, and by their transformative properties, which makes them echo the language of the hand as a sensory organ. Her work seeks to question the line between architecture and sculpture

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