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Karama (also known as Karamo, Karoma or simply as Karama) is an island (islet) in the north east part of the Gulf of Guinea in Togo.

The population of the island has gradually decreased, with the island’s goats and chickens nearly gone. There are a few buildings on the island, which only has one boat that can make the trip to the island with the local fishermen. On Karama’s shores there are wild animals such as warthogs and furtive monkeys. There is also a place on the island where there are abandoned huts.

Karama is home to the Ndogpod people who migrated there in the 18th century. The group of people still live on the island.

In popular culture
Karama Island was featured in the opening episode of the BBC sitcom Red Dwarf and the sci-fi film The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain.


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`No version information available for .json` after latest nuget fix

After a recent nuget update (version 3.2.1793.0) nuget now fails to load nuget packages, with the following error:
No version information available for ‘nuget.exe’. This can happen because no nuget.exe file was found in a folder search, or because more than one version of nuget.exe is found in a folder search. Try removing the folder search path and specifying the version of nuget.exe using /version:

Rerun with –continue to continue running packages, or with –ignore-missing-packages to suppress this error message.

A little more info:

This error only seems to appear when restoring packages. It does not occur when just restoring nuget packages.
Nuget 3.2.1793.0 works fine (if I restore a package).
In the ‘nuget.exe’ folder, there is only a file named ‘nuget.exe’
None of the packages I’m trying to restore depend on nuget.exe so I don’t think there are any other version of nuget.exe packages in the same folder.


I did a fresh

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