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My first thing would be to stop using all of the extension of 2 or so files and using the extension of the full path filename itself instead. That would make the code much cleaner. Use the filesystem to figure out where the file is and then create a file object to get the file’s contents.
Additionally, the if not exists logic is useless, you already have an exit command to only run the code if the file exists. There is no point in adding that to the code as well, just do the code that is useful after the if exists.
You need to a lot of extra code that is unnecessary and is just slowing down the code for no reason.
Also, writing code the way you are that kind of forces you to use a lot of if else and multiple if.
Here is a better way to do it:
from os.path import basename
from os import listdir
from os.path import isfile
from os.path import join

def scanfiles(path):
file_list = []
for entry in listdir(path):
if not isfile(join(path, entry)):
file_list.append(join(path, entry))
return file_list

def get_files(path):
file_list = scanfiles(path)
if not len(file_list):
return []
if path == “/”:
return file_list
return file_list[0:len(path)]

Here are the changes you can make to the code:
import os
import os.path

path = “C:/Users/Administrator/Desktop/BACH”
file_list = []

for entry in listdir(path):
if entry.endswith(“.exe”):

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