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121 Ga. App. 18 (1970)
172 S.E.2d 509
Court of Appeals of Georgia.
Argued September 8, 1970.
Decided September 21, 1970.
Rehearing Denied October 21, 1970.
*21 Richard E. Allen, Fulcher, Fulcher, Hagler, Harper & Reed, Curtis E. Hagler, for appellant.
Roy M. Waller, Jr., Gray, Lanier, & Nunnally, John W. Tanner, for appellee.
BELL, Chief Judge.
1. In his first enumeration of error defendant contends the trial court erred in finding that the plaintiff’s loss was caused by a malfunction of the washing machine. It was undisputed that the washing machine was turned off and on during the seven-day period and that it ran only one time before being turned off. The plaintiff’s vice president in charge of operations testified that the

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