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GRID Autosport – Sprint Pack activation key generator. Get Dis Money Ativador download [License].The chairman of the UN human rights council has called for an end to “continuous” violence in Gaza. The council is scheduled to hold its meeting today in Geneva.

“I call upon the leaders of both Israel and Hamas to work in order to start a process of de-escalation,” Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein said in a statement issued on Monday. “This call will have to be supported by the population, the health sector and civil society, and in particular the women of Palestine.”

The 11-member council will discuss “the human rights situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including the occupied Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and occupied Syrian Golan, with a view to considering action to be taken under the HRCion mandate,” a spokesman for the office told the Guardian on Monday.

Mouin Zayoun, from the Ramallah-based Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, said: “Hussein’s speech is very good. Hamas and the Israeli government are the ones who committed violations of the law and of international humanitarian law.”

“I hope

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