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Different Tools in Photoshop

Photoshop has many tools that help you edit and manipulate images.

Some of the most common tools are:



RAW Photo Editor

Camera Raw


Clipping Masks

Vector Tools

But I think it is useful to understand a little about Photoshop’s history to know exactly what tools are included in Photoshop and why people use them.


In 1987, The first version of Photoshop was released. It was revolutionary because of the application of algorithms to the editing and manipulation of images. No other software at the time had this capability. The technology was so well thought out and this opened new frontiers to software engineers and photographers alike.

Several other companies have created their own graphics software in the past. Some of these are:







While it is true that many of these other programs also have amazing capabilities, they were not properly structured to allow users to manipulate their images. No other applications had the ability to make such complex and seamless layers, as well as do perfect cloning, or to work so well with the camera’s RAW formats.

In the current version of Photoshop CC, there are many unique features that make it the industry standard.


There are many different tools that make editing digital images with Photoshop so appealing to photographers. Some of the most common are:

Skim Brush


Blur Tool

Whisker tool


Pencil tool

Layer Mask

This is what defines a Photoshop tool. Each tool has a purpose and is useful in the right situation.

I have given you a basic understanding of Photoshop tools that will help you in your image editing. Now that you know what tools you can use, it’s time to learn about them one by one.


Airbrushing is the process of applying paint in small sprays. The concept is similar to the way a paintbrush sprays paint on a canvas. It is traditionally used to create a fine line, or outline, as well as fill a surface with a color. You can even use an airbrush to drip a special type of paint and create a paint effect. The main advantage of an airbrush is that it is ideal

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Most hobbyists and photographers use the PSD or AI format to store their art because they offer better editing tools and control than the traditional JPEG and PNG image file formats.

Your Photos

One thing that Photoshop Elements can do, while Photoshop can not, is edit a photo with Photoshop’s Filters. In this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to use Photoshop Elements to create and edit a photo with Photoshop’s Filters.

Part 1 – Creating a New Photo

In this Photoshop Elements tutorial, we’re going to create a brand new image from scratch. There is no start screen or preferences window in Photoshop Elements so we need to use the standard Photoshop Elements commands to create a new document.

Open Adobe Photoshop Elements and then click on the Open button to create a new document.

If you open an existing document you’re automatically presented with the Home screen in Photoshop Elements.

The Home screen contains the following icons:

Open (the main menu), File, Edit, View, Window and Help.

Click the File menu and then click on the New Image command.

The Photoshop Elements software then opens the New Document dialog box.

In the File Name box, type a name for the image and then press enter.

From the File Type menu, choose an image format (JPEG, TIFF or PNG) and then click the OK button.

Photoshop Elements then creates the new image. At this point, we don’t have any editing controls so we need to click the Edit menu to make adjustments.

When you click the Edit menu, there is a Window menu. This displays the PhotoWindow, LevelsWindow and Color Picker.

The PhotoWindow is used for editing and manipulating an image. In the PhotoWindow, you can:

Deselect the image by clicking the Deselect button,

Invert an image by clicking the Invert button,

Remove an object from the image by clicking the Red, Green or Blue button,

Create a copy of the image by clicking the Duplicate button,

Change the image’s color by clicking the Color button,

Create a selection of the image by clicking the Selection button, and

Insert a new background by clicking the Background button.

When you’re finished working on the image, click the OK button to save it.

The Window menu also contains the following items:


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C# directory read access

I want to read some directories in C#. This way:
DirectoryInfo myDir = new DirectoryInfo(path);
StreamReader file = myDir.OpenText();

But the directory is in a folder that is inside another folder. How can I give access to the main folder to the app?
I give a try with myDir.


myDir.Path + “\”


How do I reference variables in sub-queries?

I have a query that I want to use for both reading and writing
uscancelindate = CASE
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JOIN od on o.oscancelnum = od.oscancelnum

Now, I want to be able to update the data and have the query return the updated rows in the same fashion as it does in the first query. I could do a sub query like this:
uscancelindate = CASE

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 2.0GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard disk: 1 GB of free space
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DirectX: Version 11
Additional Notes: System requirements may vary depending on the exact configuration of your computer.

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