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Wakoopa Tracker Crack Free Download

Wakoopa is a social network that helps people discover the best software, games and web apps on the market. Sign-up, install a small tracker on your desktop and automatically create your online software profile that you can share with friends and the world, also through widgets.
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Galaxy Slider 1.1
This is a Galaxy Slider application that works on almost all android devices. It has most functions, such as unlimited sliding, free screen rotation, free slide to the next page, physics-based accelerometer response and more. You can select the background of the sliding area with the color you want.
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Educational & Reference

PocketTracks Player 1.0
PocketTracks Player is the companion application to PocketTracks, an innovative app, which allows you to save and track your favorite music, movies and TV shows on your smartphone or tablet in a fully integrated way, organizing them into folders according to genres and artists. Without the need of a social network, users will share their favorites…

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Social Networking & Communication

FlipChat for Facebook Messenger 1.3.3
FlipChat allows you to easily add Facebook chat to your website. It’s a free and open source solution that’s easy to install and setup.

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Social Networking & Communication

NewsTray is a standalone windows application that quickly unclutters your desktop and monitors your news feeds from Facebook, Twitter and Google Buzz. You can even set up NewsTray to notify you when a web page changes. It’s very easy to use and requires no setup or configuration. All you need to do is install NewsTray on your computer, then…


MeetYou Dating
MeetYou Dating is a cool and simple way to meet new people online. All you need to do is register in order to become part of the dating community. Then, you can start browsing for new matches from your area or around the world. Once you find an interesting person, you can contact…

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MatchyRoo Recipes 1.0
MatchyRoo Recipes are a fun way

Wakoopa Tracker Free Download [Win/Mac]

Run Wakoopa Tracker Crack For Windows on your PC, and get notified when new software is downloaded to your system.

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What’s New In?

* What is Wakoopa?
Wakoopa is a revolutionary discovery and recommendations engine for all things digital.
With Wakoopa, you can create a free online profile that gets all the info about you and your favorite apps, games, audio and video players, and instant messenger.
* Your Profile:
Once you have created a profile, you will be able to get the information about your friends’ favorite applications, games and web sites.
You can manage your online profile with the apps.
* Finding new apps, games, and more…
With Wakoopa, you can find apps, games, web sites, music or video content of all kinds.
Wakoopa is more than a social network: it’s a unique discovery engine for all digital things that makes your life easier.
* Discovering new stuff:
Wakoopa uses the core ingredients of the psychology of invention and discovery, and feeds the ingredients through a deep learning algorithm.
You can discover all kinds of apps, web apps, web sites, games, music or video content of all kinds.
* Feel free to share:
Share your favorite discovery. Or share your friend’s discovery to get recommendations.
You will always receive the best recommendations.
* Social network:
Apart from the great discovery engine, Wakoopa is a social network of apps, web apps, games, audio and video players.
Use Wakoopa to share your experience with your friends and the world.
You can create your own profile, follow your friends and get recommendations of the hottest apps, games, web sites and more.
* Wakoopa app for iOS & Android:
You can have access to your online profile from your mobile devices.
Wakoopa app for Android:
Wakoopa app for iOS:
“Wakoopa” is a trademark of Wakoopa LTD.
“Discover”, “Discover Like a Pro” and Wakoopa Trademarks are trademarks of Wakoopa LTD. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.4 GHz or better
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 or later
DirectX: Version 9.0 or later
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 or later
Hard Disk: 40 GB of free space
Additional Notes: Xbox Live Gold membership required for online play.
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz or better


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