Top 15 Free Photoshop Backgrounds Templates ⛔

Top 15 Free Photoshop Backgrounds Templates ⛔







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Any image that is created with more than one layer can be opened in a Photoshop project by pressing the Open icon ( ) or choosing File → Open. If an image is opened in one project, when you save it it automatically opens in the same file format and name. If, however, you are opening a project that you have not saved, it opens in a default file format. Choose File → Save.

Figure 2-1 illustrates how layers work. (In Chapter 3, I talk more about layers and how to create and manipulate them.)

**Figure 2-1:** When opened from the File menu, the Photoshop window is divided into three sections: the Layers palette, the Timeline, and the Media Browser.

Exploring the Tools

You can access the following four tools in the Tools palette, shown in Figure 2-2. These tools, the Marquee tool (M), the Paintbrush tool (B), the Magic Wand tool (W), and the Zoom tool (Z), each make a useful contribution to the total editing experience in Photoshop.

**Figure 2-2:** The four tools (from left to right) that appear in the Tools palette: the Paintbrush (B), the Marquee tool (M), the Magic Wand tool (W), and the Zoom tool (Z).

When any tool is active, it has a mode indicator at the top of the Tools palette that shows how to use the tool. Figure 2-2 shows the Paintbrush tool in Normal mode. However, the tool has three other modes of use:

• You can click the tool’s button to enter the tool in its first mode.

• To activate the Pencil tool, click the small square in the tool’s button (as shown in Figure 2-2).

• To access the Brush tool, click the large plus sign to activate Brush mode. (See Chapter 4 for more about Brush and Pencil.)

Also be aware that as you use different tools, the overlapping color areas in the Tools palette change color. Here’s an example: The layer of the original image is blue, so the blue tool is selected in the Tools palette. When you work with the Marquee tool in Normal mode, that icon changes color to yellow, indicating that you’re currently in the Selection mode. However, when you activate the Paintbrush tool, the color of the selection changes to white, indicating that you’re in Brush mode. This is useful when

Adobe Photoshop Studio Psd Background Free Download Free

To be able to confidently use Adobe Photoshop, we will have to understand it in depth. So here are the free online courses that will help you master the Photoshop Elements with ease.

1. Learn Photoshop Elements (1 hour)

This free online course from OnlineHS is a comprehensive beginner’s course that will teach you everything you need to know to get the most out of your Elements experience.

In this course, you will be taught everything you need to know to master the basics of Photoshop and the Elements workspace, which will lead you into creating a full-fledged graphic design workflow.

This course will help you get familiar with all the common features of Photoshop and its workflow in a stress-free, enjoyable way.

The course has a total of 15 hours of instruction, and comes with practice files to help you create your own images.

2. Learn Photoshop Elements (4 hours)

If you are willing to invest a little more time and learn more about the professional features of Photoshop, a thorough study of the Elements’ features will give you more control over your images.

This course from OnlineHS will teach you how to use the entire range of Elements tools and features in order to create a library of your own graphics. You will learn how to create a digital photo effect, a graphic design workflow using the Template Gallery, and work with canvas shapes.

To accompany this course, there are multiple choice quizzes, homework tasks and a certificate at the end.

3. Photoshop Elements Newbie (4 hours)

After completing this online course from Coursera you’ll be well-prepared to learn the basics of Photoshop, and use them to edit your photos without crashing.

In this course, you will learn about the various layers in Photoshop Elements, as well as a lot of essential features that will be able to be used to manipulate your photos and set your workflow. You will learn how to open, organize and select images, work with text and shape layers, create and edit gradients, and apply various photo effects.

Although this course is not specifically designed for photo editing, we must be careful not to dismiss it. The modules dedicated to photo editing are helpful, and you will get the opportunity to apply some of the principles you learnt in the video tutorials to the practice files that come with the lessons.

4. Learn Photoshop Elements (1 hour)

This full course from Coursera is

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Function not recognizing correct value

I have a function that is supposed to check if the value of a variable in the function is equal to 0 or 1. If it is equal to 0 then the function should return true, if it is equal to 1 then false.
My problem is that the function seems to always return true, even when the variable has a value equal to 1. Here is my function:
function checker(num){
if(!(num = “0”) &!(num = “1”)){
alert(“Please enter a valid answer.”)
} else {
return true

I tried using document.write() to see where the function was failing and I got a message saying that the function had failed at the return statement.


First up: You can’t assign to the LHS of an =. You’re assigning to the RHS. Secondly: You were missing { and } after the and, but you still weren’t using those correctly, you were missing return inside the if statement, and you need to check for == instead of = for numbers:
function checker(num) {
if (!(num == “0” || num == “1”)) {
alert(“Please enter a valid answer.”)
} else {
return true;

Note that your input validation is much less robust than what you’re using for output. Also, the above will naturally bail if you enter anything besides 0 or 1. Finally, a number is not a string. If you want to check if a string represents a number, use isNaN() or isFinite():
function checker(num) {
if (!(!isNaN(num) && isFinite(num))) {
alert(“Please enter a valid answer.”)
} else {
return true;

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The count of DataFrame column based on the multiple conditions

Say we have a DataFrame:
import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

d = {‘a’: [1,1,1], ‘b’: [0,1,0]}
df = pd.DataFrame(data=d)

I would like to count the a column based

System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
OS: Windows XP
RAM: 1.5 GB
HDD: 30 GB
DirectX: 9.0
Additional Requirements:
The game requires a working Steam client to install and play. If you do not already have a Steam client you can download it here.
Approximately 3 GB of free hard disk space is required to install the game. This space may be used by the game to install, update and launch. Once the game has

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