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Getting started in Photoshop

Photoshop first came out in 1987 and while it was originally aimed at the market of graphic designers (like logos or newspaper ads) it quickly gained a broader market. The very first version of Photoshop was just a basic image editor, but it was so much more than that. There were no filters, no layers, no opacity, and no user-friendly interface.

Fast forward to the latest version of Photoshop, CS6, and it is almost unrecognizable from the old PS version. In many ways, it is an evolutionary leap that allows users to do more in Photoshop. If you want to learn Photoshop from the basics, here’s a brief overview of how to use Photoshop in 2012.

Design or edit?

Images are usually created in Photoshop as raster images, or pixels. If you were taught to draw in the past, you may have used vector images that are based on curves, squares, and lines. This allows you to reposition the points of the image very easily. Photoshop does not deal well with vector images. It has a limited set of tools that work with raster images and these tools deal mostly with geometric objects like circles and squares.

Often, digital artists or designers will save a copy of their original image as a JPEG. This file type is quite small, but it can sometimes compress an image to very small sizes, especially if the original image is very large.

The most popular file type for designers is a GIF file. It’s a bitmap file format, but it is actually based on a mathematical representation of animation. This makes it possible to take a series of drawings or “frames” and make a seamless animation. Again, it’s a very handy file type for designers because GIF files are small, can be very fast to display, and they can be saved in many different formats.

Many people use Photoshop for visual design. If that’s the case, you’ll use the raster image capabilities of Photoshop. If, however, you’re a graphic designer or illustrator, you’ll use Photoshop’s vector tools.

If you’re thinking of learning Photoshop, this is the first decision to make. Most tutorials and lessons deal with raster images, and the learning curve will be steeper when starting from a raster file. The simple fact that you can learn to use Photoshop from a raster file is the reason many people prefer to learn from an online tutorial first.

The difference between layers and masks

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In this Photoshop tips and tricks article, we will learn how to edit images, create new images and how to work with layers. Using two of Photoshop’s functions, we will change a document into a new document and remove objects, while learning how to control the appearance of an object in a document. In addition to this, we will learn how to resize images and create new images from scratch.

The most basic way to edit an image is to make a copy of it, add edits to the new image, paste it back in place and save the document. This process is also known as a quick edit, or quick fix.

It should be noted that, for the most part, professional level features such as layer masks are beyond the scope of this article. If you want to edit images with layers, you can watch our Photoshop tutorial video, which goes into this in-depth.

The following images showcase some basic editing techniques in Photoshop:

An image of a simple tree, with four circles and a colorful background. You can see the cropped version of the document in the next image.

While the cropped document looks like it was carefully edited, the actual cropped document had been opened up to its full size, and then the tree was ‘trimmed’ to remove the background.

In this case, the trimming of the tree was performed using the Trim command, which removes empty space from the edges of an object. You can use the Trim command to remove empty space from the edges of an object by pressing Cmd+U and entering 5 as the number of pixels to trim from the top, bottom, left and right.

Removing the background of an image is a similar process, in that it can be done by pressing Cmd+U and entering 5 to trim the background 5 pixels from the top, bottom, left and right. You can also use this command to remove areas that are invisible.

While the tree is removed from the background, it is also being reduced in size. To bring the tree back to its original size, choose Edit > Restore from the menu and click Ok.

This image has a white background with 3 different colors as text. In this case, a photo of a baby was cropped, and the color of the original document was changed by adding a different color to it and subtracting it from the original document.

In this tutorial,

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How broad is the range of licensing options out there?
There are numerous licensing options to adapt to various business models. Some of these may overlap with other modalities, such as free and open source software and Art-License for creative usage and reuse of content. The article lists a number of licensing models and describes examples of how these models can be applied to types of products/services.

Voxware is partnering with to deliver a B2B-style service that enables auditors and compliance professionals to offer a new service: a cloud-based auditor service. The service will be available to incumbent CPA firms that have a reputation and a track record for delivering audits.

“CPA firms have always been among the top adopters of new technologies, and as a result they have been among the leaders in adopting digital tools. We wanted to bring a cloud-based model to this market that allowed us to provide a new service – a new generation of B2B CPA cloud services.”

Jim Cordero, Chief Executive, Voxware

Free and open source software (FOSS) is a powerful concept in the world of IT, and in some ways, a CPA firm or auditing company isn’t that different from any other organization that delivers IT services. And in fact, many of the core principles of free and open source software (FOSS) can be applied to make a CPA firm’s auditing practices more effective, efficient, and accountable.

The best known of these is FOSS’s principle of “copyleft,” or the ability of projects that use FOSS to distribute the source code under a particular set of licensing conditions. The original copyleft policy is derived from copyright and patent law. But over the years, FOSS communities have developed a variety of other licenses to address the various challenges of giving away software.

There’s a lot of excitement about cloud computing right now. It’s a buzzy topic with many players across numerous markets, but it’s difficult to define because cloud computing is a broad term that has been applied to everything from server hosting to data storage to mobile services.

And if you’re shopping around for a cloud service, it’s not surprising that you might see similarities. In fact, the good news for CPA firms is that cloud computing is much simpler than it appears to be because many of the

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