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Layers can be any type of graphics object, such as a bitmap, vector object, or text. For example, when you work on a text graphic, the text is placed on a layer. Likewise, when you work on a photo, the photo is placed on a layer.

When the Layers Panel opens, you see a thumbnail image representing the active layer, a thumbnail image for the layer to which that layer is linked, and a thumbnail image for any layers that share that same name. You can click the

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Perhaps the most used feature of Photoshop is the ability to create and edit raster images. Depending on the output device, Photoshop can export the images to be printed or digitized.

In this guide we will discuss all the options for importing, exporting and exporting vector formats.

General Options

Prior to creating new images, you can use the following General options to configure the options of the various presets and to use the magic wand tool. These settings are available for most of the standard Photoshop tools.


If you have any sort of problems or are getting problems while editing, you can use the Troubleshooting options to determine where the problem lies.

If you are getting an error, using the Troubleshooting options will tell you the origin of the error.

Exporting Image Formats

Before we dive into the Photoshop features let’s talk about where to actually export images. The most common output formats are:

Photoshop allows you to export images in several different formats, including:

Let’s discuss what each option means and what it does.

Collage export uses the concept of a collage sheet for exports. While most of the tools can export to multiple sizes, many of the options apply only to the collage sheet format. These options will apply to files exported as the collage sheet.

Note: There is an option to export as individual image slices. We will discuss how to set that up in the upcoming step.

Box art is the concept of turning an image into a thumbnail, which can be inserted onto a CD or DVD. You can set the graphic to repeat vertically or horizontally, or crop to a square format.

Convert to a smart object is used when you want to freeze a part of the image and then have other elements change the appearance of the area of the image. This way, you can remove the frame without affecting all of the other parts of the image.

NOTE: For more info on this feature, read my article Smart Objects: How They Work.

The most common file formats for web use are:

Compressed WebP is the web-standard format that allows for lossless image compression. It stores the image with a compression and a color profile.

JPG is the most common image format. It is supported by most browsers but is not as efficient as PNG or WebP.

PNG, as the name

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If $a_n \to L$ for some value $L$ and $b_n \to M$ then $a_n + b_n \to L + M$?

Let $(a_n)$ and $(b_n)$ be sequences of real numbers.
Let $L$ and $M$ be real numbers.
Prove that if
a_n \to L, \quad\mbox{and}\quad
b_n \to M
a_n + b_n \to L + M.

I have no idea where to start on this one. I tried taking the sequence $L$ and $-M$, but no luck there. Any hints would be appreciated.


HINT: Consider the case $L=0$ and $M=1$.
Then $a_n \to 0$, $b_n \to 1$, and $a_n+b_n=b_n$ for every $n$.

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Useful Resources

A number of resources are available on the website for users to consider. The first of these is the Climbing Index.

The Climbing Index is a regularly updated index that shows climber by climber the type of climbs that they have climbed, the number of times and the satisfaction level associated with each climb, and the the difficulty that they have achieved.

The Climbing Index is produced by the O.G.S. Climbing Club and was produced initially as a trial to see whether or not an index was a viable concept. Since that time it has become a popular feature of the website and will no doubt grow with the regular additions that are made to the Index.

The Index is regularly updated and currently includes information on some 14,000 climbers and 1,080 climbs. The index is listed at the bottom of the main climbing calendar and can be searched by name or climb number.

The Calendars are a feature of the website. This allows climbers to plan their climbing season as well as providing information on workshops, etc. The season runs from the first weekend in March until the third weekend in October, whilst the Holidays Calendar currently runs from September 3rd to September 30th inclusive.

The Yearling Index is an index of climbing areas that are

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Tuesday’s news was the first direct confirmation that Trump was briefed about the virus outbreak as it began to break. The visit by Xi and Trump is aimed at promoting friendship between the two countries and boosting the bilateral relationship, including with the United States’ rival, China. They are the first two leaders of the two nations to meet since Trump took office in January 2017.

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The outbreaks of two new viruses in past months, the novel coronavirus and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 3.5 GHz Processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 250 MB RAM
DirectX: Version 11
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